January 28, 2011

NYSUT launches ad campaign: Keep New York learning

Source: NYSUT Media Release

When lawmakers return to Albany this week for the release of the governor's budget plan, they'll be greeted by a full-page ad in the Legislative Gazette stressing the importance of continued investment in public education. 

"Keep New York learning," the headline says. "Don't erase our progress: Invest in Public Education."

The ad notes more than 10,000 teaching and other education positions have already been cut statewide. Courses have been eliminated, class sizes have increased and access to higher education has been compromised. Yet despite the worst recession in generations, a recent poll by the Quinnipiac University found 79 percent of New Yorkers steadfastly say we must continue investing in public education. 

The ad is part of a the union's upcoming communications campaign and grassroots member action in anticipation of the executive budget proposal required by Feb. 1.

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