January 12, 2011

TAKE ACTION: Strengthen Social Security... Don't Cut It

Source: Retiree Services

View the suberb video dispelling the myths and lies surrounding Social Security, read the letter below from Melissa Byrne explaining the urgency, then send a letter to President Obama before his State of the Union address.

Take Action:  View the video ... Send a letter to President Obama 

Get More Facts: From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - "Social Security Benefits are Modest - Policymakers Have Only Limited Room to Reduce Benefits Without Causing Hardship"

Dear NYSUT Member,

It's a new year.  It's a new Congress.  Sadly, the same politicians in Washington who spent 2010 attacking Social Security are doing it again this year.  They are demanding deep cuts to Social Security to reduce the deficit. But Social Security has not contributed a penny to the deficit - it has a $2.6 TRILLION SURPLUS.

Fortunately, President Obama has supported our position in the past - no benefit cuts, no raising the retirement age, no cuts in the COLA and no privatization, which only benefits Wall Street.

Tell President Obama: You agree Social Security should not be cut.  

In late January, President Obama will make his annual State of the Union address. It is important that he use the speech to send a clear message to those who want to cut Social Security - Hands Off!

Tell President Obama: Use the State of the Union address to fight for Social Security.  

Social Security is based on a promise: If you pay into the system then you earn the right to guaranteed benefits. This is one promise to the American people that politicians in Washington should not break.

Tell President Obama: You will help him make sure politicians in Washington keep Social Security's promise!  

Nearly all Americans depend on Social Security at some point in their lives. Many are retirees. But millions are disabled workers, widows and widowers, and children who have lost a loved one. We need to keep the promise alive for them - and for you.

Thanks for fighting to strengthen Social Security.

Melissa Byrne

Online Campaigns Coordinator - www.strengthensocialsecurity.org

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