June 01, 2011

Call Albany! Urge your reps to reject a tax cap!

Source: NYSUT Legislative Department

If you care about public education, call the governor and your state representatives now.

Tell them to vote "no" on the tax cap bills: A-7916 and S-2706.

How? It's easy. Just call our hotline.

Dial 1-877-255-9417.

You will be connected directly to the governor’s office or your representative in the Assembly and state Senate. Tell them you are a voter and a taxpayer and you are against the tax cap bills.

You must make the time to call because the long-term impact of a property tax cap will destroy public education in New York state.

NYSUT is working non-stop to block or significantly change the legislation.

But those who support a tax cap are working just as hard, and are better funded.

So please, start dialing: 1-877-255-9417. Then, ask your friends, family and neighbors to call.

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