April 16, 2012

Cheryl Peck: School-Related Professionals Member of the Year

Source: RA 2012

Cheryl Peck
Lancaster Association of Service Personnel

Cheryl Peck's day as a custodian starts early in the Lancaster school district and takes her to multiple locations to ensure a seamless school day for the students and staff alike. From opening buildings, to ordering supplies and stocking shelves in the warehouse to waxing floors, Cheryl enjoys the variety and busy pace of her job.

Cheryl is president of the Lancaster Association of Service Professionals. She encourages active participation from her membership and is a tireless advocate for her members. Cheryl makes attending board of education meetings a priority, so that she has first-hand knowledge of any changes that may impact her members. She credits "using honey instead of vinegar" as one of the reasons she is such a successful negotiator for them.

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