April 16, 2012

Frances L. Brown: Retiree Member of the Year

Source: RA 2012

Frances L. Brown
United Federation of Teachers

Frances Brown is a native New Yorker and a product of New York City public schools. She is an alumna of Bronx Community College, Lehman College and City College, where she received her master's.

Frances began her career in education as a paraprofessional, using the career ladder program to become a teacher of grade 4 through 9 in the South Bronx. As an in-service member, she worked in the United Federation of Teacher's Political Action Department for 15 years.

In retirement, Frances serves as corresponding secretary for the UFT Retired Teachers Chapter. She assists her local's retiree members through the "reassurance program."

Frances maintains a busy volunteering schedule, serving with a host of local, national and international organizations. She is active in the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youth at Risk and the Boys Choir of Harlem. She has been a delegate at UFT, NYSUT and AFT conventions.

Working with the New York state chapter of the AFT Black Caucus, Frances traveled to Nigeria, to support AIDS prevention education, working as the co-chairperson of the Africa AIDS program.

Frances' union dedication and commitment to social justice issues were featured in the book, Teachers United. Author Denis Gaffney quotes Brown: "'For me, the union means unity,' Brown says. 'My mother and father were unionists. A union means you watch out for each other. ... It's solidarity, all around the world. It's a global thing, and let me tell you, it's a good thing, and I'm proud, very proud, to be part of it.'"

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