April 16, 2012

Juliette Romano: Higher Education Member of the Year

Source: RA 2012

Juliette Romano
United College Employees of Fashion Institute of Technology

Juliette Romano is a professor in the Career and Internship Center at FIT and shows her students the real-world applications and opportunities available to them in the fashion industry. This includes working with the college's co-op program and other opportunities for students to explore in the fashion industry beyond the boundaries of the campus.

She leads by example and was an early advocate for the need to stop bullying in school and in the workplace.

Juliette is president of the United College Employees of FIT/SUNY, a wall-to-wall unit comprising full- and part-time faculty, classroom assistants and staff. The local has been a wall-to-wall unit since its first contract in 1967. Juliette is a long-time advocate for the recognition of higher education professional staff. She was a member of the UCE/FIT negotiating committee and also served as assistant secretary of the executive committee. She served as vice president for contracts and grievances for seven years, and then became the local's executive vice president. Juliette has served as president of her local since 2005.

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