August 07, 2012

VIDEO: Student activists raise awareness of Syrian conflict

Author: Lee Cutler
Source: NYSUT Secretary Treasurer

The current horror and bloodshed in Syria did not go by unnoticed by a group of students in Western New York.

Student participants in the recent intensive Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Studies in Buffalo were so moved by the violence and struggle in Syria that they decided to do something about it. They produced a web page and powerful video raising awareness of the unfolding human rights atrocities in Syria as well as the courage and perseverence of Syrian citizens fighting for their life and their rights; the students are also raising awareness via social media.

The United States State Department was so impressed with the video that they have already started to translate it into Syrian for wider use.

It is important to note that the Summer Institute is run by NYSUT members and has had the full support of NYSUT since its inception.

Lee Cutler

I Am Syrica campaign


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