July 23, 2012

Tribeca Film Fellow highlights need for DREAM Act

Source: NYSUT Newswire

As a Tribeca Film Fellow, there is little doubt regarding Frisly Soberanis’ talent as a filmmaker and storyteller. But when it comes to his future, there is only uncertainty.

As an undocumented student, Frisly is not qualified to receive financial aid. As such, his education is in limbo. Using his talents, Frisly has made a powerful film that describes the plight he, and other undocumented students throughout the nation, face each and everyday as they strive to become contributing members of society. As Frisly points out, they are brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, students, community members, and Americans.

NYSUT Secretary Treasurer Lee Cutler notes that Frisly’s film delivers a powerful message that underscores the need for passage of the DREAM Act. For more on Frisly’s film and his effort to raise funds for college, click here.

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