November 30, 2012

Growth Scores: SED website goes live

Source: NYSUT Communications

The State Education Department's online Growth Reporting System (GRS) is now available for teachers, principals and district personnel via a link on The secure data system provides confidential growth information for teachers of math and English Language Arts in grades 4- 8. Teachers will only be able to access their own information. SED notes that since the data in GRS is confidential, it is critical that teachers maintain security by not sharing login ID and/or passwords.

NYSUT has prepared a two-page "How to Understand Your Growth Score" fact sheet. [HTML | PDF]

Additional resources including tutorials and a Growth Reporting System Help Desk are also available from SED.

Note: Teachers and principals employed by the New York City Department of Education will use a separate distribution process to access reports. Information about this process will be made available in the coming weeks.

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