November 05, 2012

UPDATE: Executive Order allows affidavit ballots for displaced voters

Source: NYS Board of Elections

Update: Nov. 5, 2012

Here's an update on voting by affidavit ballot from the Board of Elections website:

Executive Order - Voting by Affidavit Ballot

Governor Cuomo has signed an Executive Order which provides for a voter who is a resident in the federally-declared disaster counties of Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk, Westchester and of New York City (which includes Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond) who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy:

1) To vote an affidavit ballot at any poll site in New York State, other than their regular poll site;

2) Every Board of Elections in the State shall transmit the completed affidavit ballot of any voter who resides in one of the above counties to the Board of Elections where such voter is registered to vote to be canvassed;

3) The affidavit ballot can only be canvassed for such contests for which the person was entitled to vote at such election.

More information is available online at and

Please note that the BOE has established a toll-free number to assist voters with questions about voting, poll site changes and absentee ballots. The number is 1-855-NYS-SANDY (1-855-697-7263).

Changes to polling locations, absentee ballots

posted Nov. 2, 2012

If you're concerned that Superstorm Sandy may have an impact on Election Day in New York state, you're not alone.

The best place to turn for the latest information is the NYS Board of Elections website at

The BOE strongly encourages voters to contact their city and county boards of elections directly to verify polling locations (website info on polling locations may not be up to date, especially in areas hit hard by the storm).

Here's info from the state BOE on absentee ballots:

Board of Elections extends absentee ballot deadline

The state Board of Elections has extended the absentee ballot deadline due to the impact of the storm. The board also is telling voters that they should go to or the local county BOE website to check for any changes in polling sites that may have been impacted by the storm.

Extension of Absentee Ballot Application Deadline. The State Board of Elections has approved an extension of the Absentee Ballot deadline for all voters in the state from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. Therefore, for all absentee ballot applications sent by MAIL or FAX, they now must be received no later than today, Friday, Nov. 2. The IN PERSON deadline remains Monday, Nov. 5.

Extension of Absentee Ballot Receipt Deadline. The State Board of Elections has approved an extension of the deadline for absentee ballots to be received and counted from 7 days after Election Day to 13 days after Election Day. Ballots must still be postmarked no later than Monday, Nov. 5, however they now have until Nov. 19 to arrive at the local Board of Elections.

All information is subject to change, so check with the NYS Board of Elections for updates and contact your city or county board of elections for more information.

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