April 08, 2013

Sandra March: 'Not for Ourselves Alone' Sandra Feldman Award

sandra marchSandra March has been meeting the needs of the UFT, its affiliates and the labor movement for more than four decades. If the ultimate test of a union's effectiveness is the pension program that rewards members for a lifetime of service to city school children, then Sandra March is key to that effectiveness.

March is a teacher trustee of the city of New York Teachers' Retirement System. She also serves as a member of the Municipal Labor Committee's pension committee and the NYSUT pension committee and was on the executive board of the Council of Institutional Investors. She is a longstanding member of the UFT Executive Board, the union liaison to the large and active Retired Teachers Chapter, a member of the union's COPE committee, and served as chair of the UFT's 50th anniversary committee.

Starting as a District 26 elementary school teacher, she was one of the union's first borough political action coordinators. As a legislative rep in Albany and union liaison to City Hall, March worked closely and effectively with elected officials to ensure that the interests of union members and children were front and center.