August 22, 2013

NYSUT leaders join Obama on Upstate New York tour highlighting education

Author: Betsy Sandberg
Source: NYSUT Communications

Several NYSUT Board of Directors members and other local leaders are joining President Barack Obama as he continues to make the connection between a strong public education system and a strong economy during a tour today and tomorrow of Upstate New York.  

Obama's first stop was the University at Buffalo, where he unveiled proposals to make college more accountable and affordable. Later, at Henninger High School in Syracuse, the president will highlight  the union-backed "Say Yes to Education" program. The president will also attend an education town hall at SUNY Binghamton on Friday.   

In Buffalo, Obama outlined a proposal to open up opportunities for more college-bound students. NYSUT, in concert with its national affiliates — the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association — and higher education affiliates United University Professions and Professional Staff Congress will work to help shape the elements of a quality program that helps make higher education affordable for all.  

At first glance, NYSUT leaders said they saw the proposal's potential in making higher education more affordable for more New Yorkers, and welcome more federal investment in public higher education. NYSUT will also work with the AFT and NEA on the need for full-time faculty. 

This is the second time the union's Say Yes program in Syracuse has received national attention. Read this 2009 story about the program.   

In 2007, Syracuse became the first city in the nation to launch Say Yes district-wide.

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