June 03, 2013

TAKE ACTION: Fight to strengthen workplace violence prevention regulations for school employees

Source: NYSUT Workplace Health & Safety

Dear NYSUT health and safety activist,

You may be aware that NYSUT has been working on getting public school employees covered under New York's existing Workplace Violence Prevention regulations. The act currently covers all public employees except those working in preK-12 schools. The regulations are enforced by PESH.

Bills are currently in both the Assembly and Senate Labor Committees (A 6902 and S1936). If your representative is on one of these committees, we need members to contact committee members NOW and ask that the bill be voted out of committee.

Download these documents with lists for both committees as well as information about how this regulation is different (and more protective) than SAVE.

We also need members to share stories to point to the need for an enforceable standard on violence prevention in schools. If you or any of your colleagues has been impacted directly or indirectly from this issue, please send an e-mail to pshands@nysutmail.org with information about what happened and how it's affected you and/or others in the school community.

Please share this with your colleagues.

Thank you for your interest and activism in protecting NYSUT members!

-Wendy Hord, NYSUT Health & Safety Specialist

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