June 09, 2013

MSNBC: Nichols and Reid talk Albany rally, high-stakes testing on 'The Ed Show'

Source:  MSNBC
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Via MSNBC's "The Ed Show:"

Testing your commitment to education. How many teachers need to stage protests before the rest of us learn that standardized tests are not the best way to ensure our kids get educated? The Nation's John Nichols joins Joy Reid with the political answer sheet.

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From the transcript:

REID: You were at the rally which apparently had a huge, massive turn out. Now what were those protestors calling for?

NICHOLS: They were calling for a moratorium on testing. These are teachers, counselors, and a lot of parents, a surprising number of parents and students came. They say, look, we know we have to test sometimes. We may not like it, but we've got to do it. They are saying there is such a rapid implementation of new testing that we often have situations where children are being tested before the teachers have begun to know how to teach. Not teach the test but to give them the broad information they need. It is a mess. And it is a mess across the country. We are hearing horror stories from Texas, Georgia, Upstate New York. stories of children in hospital beds who are told they have to take the test because the school districts feel so pressured to put these on.

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