April 03, 2014

Margie Brumfield: School-Related Professionals Member of the Year

Source: NYSUT Communications

Margie Brumfield
Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals

Twelve years ago the Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals was really struggling. Then Margie Brumfield became president. Two years into her first term, NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi visited the union office. He said that what the RAP had accomplished in two years would have taken most local unions a decade to accomplish. Rochester's SRPs had regained their respect and dignity as a legitimate and effective union of professionals.

Brumfield exemplifies excellence in everything she does. She sets the example of what she expects from others. She doesn't just "talk the talk." Brumfield truly "walks the walk."

In her 20 years of working with special-needs students, her love and compassion for them is what kept her in the profession. During her tenure in the classroom, she was very active in the union as a building representative while also supporting other unions in the community. 

Brumfield's qualifications and accomplishments include NYSUT at-large director, local president, NYSUT delegate, American Federation of Teachers delegate, National Education Association state delegate, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists delegate, NYSUT Education & Learning Trust SRP coordinator and facilitator, AFT program and policy council member, NYSUT SRP Advisory Committee chair, NYSUT Member Benefits Trust committee member, civil and human rights committee member and service on dozens of other committees as union president.

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