April 04, 2014

Mulgrew: We are the ones who chose to care

Source: RA Reporter

Mchael MulgrewUnited Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew welcomed the more than 2,000 delegates, visitors and guests to New York City and then saluted NYSUT members for choosing to spend their lives helping other people.

“We are humbled to be part of the greatest state union in the U.S. — NYSUT,” Mulgrew said on behalf of his local.

As educators, “we know,” he said, “we have not been given the respect we deserve.”

Then he urged delegates to rise and show appreciation for each other’s dedication: “Cheer for the Southern Tier,” Mulgrew called out, “for Long Island … for Rochester … for Staten Island,” he continued, ticking off the different regions of the state.

“Let us never forget we are the ones who have chosen to care,” Mulgrew said.

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