May 18, 2015

AUDIO: NYSUT ad takes aim at tax credit

Source: NYSUT Media Relations

ALBANY, NY, May 18, 2015 - New York State United Teachers today launched a radio advertising campaign that exposes Gov. Cuomo's proposed education tax credit for what it really is: "a shell game allowing corporations and the super rich to divert tax dollars to elite private schools."

The 60-second ad, which will run for at least 10 days, features a fictional character, "Mr. Moneybags," who boasts that the tax credit is "a scheme designed to favor us 'zillionaires' and our exclusive schools," resulting in fewer resources for public school students.

"When you're rich like me, public schools aren't your concern," he tells the radio interviewer.

NYSUT leaders have already publicly blasted the governor's proposal as a backdoor voucher plan that rewards wealthy contributors to his campaign.

"We don't need another giveaway to the rich," said NYSUT President Karen E. Magee. "What we need is a fair approach to education funding that benefits all students."

NYSUT Executive Vice President Andrew Pallotta said the radio ad was produced to remind lawmakers that school districts are still owed up to $5 billion from the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case and that nearly one-third of the districts in 2015-16 will be operating on less state aid than they were six years ago.

"Knowing that, how can elected leaders justify tax breaks for billionaires?" Pallotta asked.

New York State United Teachers is a statewide union with more than 600,000 members in education, human services and health care. NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

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