May 01, 2015

Annie Herr McClintock: School-Related Professionals Member of the Year

Source: NYSUT Communications

Annie Herr McClintock
United Teaching Assistants of Harborfields

In 2004, local President Annie McClintock learned through the statewide union that her United Teaching Assistants of Harborfields members would have to become state-certified teaching assistants. She researched, applied for and obtained thousands of dollars for college credits for members who needed to meet the new requirements. She has helped 138 NYSUT SRPs to earn more than 400 undergraduate credits over the years.

About the same time, she helped the union through the transition from paraprofessionals to certified state teaching assistants, and she led the team negotiating the first contract of the UTAH.

A graduate of the NYSUT Leadership Institute, McClintock helped form and continues to sit on the regional SRP Advisory Committee to provide support and information to locals in Suffolk County. She's also on the NYSUT SRP Advisory Committee. In 2008, she worked with the district to establish a New Teaching Assistant Mentoring Program.

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