December 02, 2015

VIDEO: For NYSUT retirees, a 'thank-you' and a call-to-action

Author: Karen E. Magee, President
Source: NYSUT Communications

This video is "a heartfelt 'thank you' and an urgent call-to-action" for NYSUT retirees from NYSUT President Magee.

"Your union appreciates all you have done to build and strengthen NYSUT - first as in-service members and now as retirees," says Magee. "You may even remember what life was like before unions: the low pay, lack of benefits and the uncertainty of working in environments riddled with nepotism and cronyism. You know the reasons why NYSUT was founded... and you have been essential to NYSUT's progress. Thank you for leading the way!"

The legacy NYSUT retirees helped build is under attack. Deep-pocketed billionaires are taking aim at unions in the courts, in state legislatures and beyond.

Watch Karen's video to learn more about how you can take a stand against these forces by staying active and involved.

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