September 01, 2015

Communications Awards 2015 And the winner is...

Source: NYSUT Communications

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 Communications Awards! We know how hard you work to keep your members informed. Thank you!

Ted Bleecker Best of the Best Award: In-Service

Hastings Teachers Association
"Hastings TA Social Media Campaign"
Award Winner: Nate Morgan
Editor: Nate Morgan
Local President: Nate Morgan

With its skillful use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr - all linked to an attractive and comprehensive website - this local continues its tradition of excellence in digital documentation of its commitment to community service. The website does a masterful job of keeping members and the community up-to-date on local, statewide and national issues in education and labor and provides links to the union's constant presence on social media sites.

Ted Bleecker Best of the Best Award: Retiree

Jericho Retiree Association
The Jericho Retiree
"Jericho's Fulbrights"
Award Winners: Maureen Tracy, Dave Martin, Jeff Feinberg & Susan Menkes
Editor: Carol Spielberger
Chapter Leader: Carol Spielberger

From the colorful artwork to the individual accounts by four of its members, this retiree group has taken a mildly interesting subject –- Teacher Fulbright awards -- and turned it into a compelling read. Four now-retired recipients of the prestigious awards each tell their stories in their own words, taking us into their classrooms overseas and recounting their experiences. Even the artwork is superb –- a colorful photo of a six-foot mural, inspired by the events of 9/11 and jointly created by the Fulbright-winning art teacher's students both at home and in Japan.

About the NYSUT Communications Awards

Sponsored by NYSUT United, the NYSUT Communications Awards recognize outstanding NYSUT local union and chapter publications, websites and social media.

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