August 29, 2016

Thinking about math differently

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“Thinking Math Differently”, essential math guides for elementary parents and teachers, written by Patti J. Dieck and Christopher M. Sarlo, are now available at

Conceptual Learning Associates is pleased to announce the publication of the “Thinking Math Differently” reference guide series!

When it comes to MATH, “Back-to-School” DOESN’T have to mean “back to homework struggles”,” back to frustrated children” or “back to confused adults”!

For every parent (and teacher!) who asked for help with today’s elementary math assignments….YOU’VE BEEN HEARD!

These easy-to-navigate math guides, for grades K through 5, provide the understanding today’s math that every adult needs. Each grade-level-specific book explains the REASONING BEHIND the learning standards, models and strategies found in all of today’s math programs… using CLEAR, EVERYDAY language and detailed examples which look like the very ones found in children’s assignments! 

Developed for use as daily reference guides, these books DO NOT need to be read cover to cover…. rather, you simply choose the concept your child is working on, or match the learning standard number to the one in the guide, read the description….and be able TO HELP!

These books give today’s adults, who learned math very differently, invaluable insight into today’s math.  Parents will see how their children’s math really does connect to the math they learned.  Teachers will see how they can use alternative models and strategies in their lessons and ultimately move all of their students forward. 

These guides finally put parents, teachers, and even students ON THE SAME PAGE!

“It’s about time!  Finally…math homework makes sense to all of us!”

…Sara P.  3rd grade parent

“Learning math this way changed my life!”

Brittany G.  Newly certified elementary teacher

“Helped me teach with confidence, and lead my students to real understanding.”

Lacey L.  2nd grade teacher

“I’m left wondering…why didn’t WE learn it this way?”

…Jennifer G.   5th grade parent

Patti J. Dieck and Christopher M. Sarlo of Conceptual Learning Associates bring a unique, multi-faceted perspective to their work. As curriculum writers, they've developed, written and edited all components of a national Common Core Mathematics Curriculum. As classroom teachers they know how best to implement the approaches to learning that exemplify today’s standards. As professional developers they facilitate workshops that get teachers truly excited to bring those approaches to their own students.

If you would like more information, please contact Patti J. Dieck or Christopher M. Sarlo

Conceptual Learning Associates

 (631) 885-2397 / (631) 905-4581

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