November 16, 2016

Orchard Park union celebrates 50 years of solidarity

Author: Deborah Hormell Ward
Source: NYSUT Communications
orchard park anniversary celebration
Caption: NYSUT Executive Vice President Andy Pallotta, far right, and OPTA President Adam Ziccardi, second from right, celebrate OPTA’s 50th anniversary with former presidents, from left: Theresa Paradowski, Scott Shifner, Sharon Reader, Robbin List, Randy MacPherson, Anthony Agnello, Tom Rivers. This picture includes 8 of OPTA's 12 presidents in all. Photos by Deborah Hormell Ward.

Orchard Park Teachers Association, led by President Adam Ziccardi, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reception and dinner last week, commemorating its illustrious past and looking ahead to continued support for excellence and solidarity.

orchard park anniversary celebration
Honored for their courage as members of the “Orchard Park Eight” who were jailed for 18 days during OPTA’s 1975 strike are, from left: Jim Wilson; then-OPTA President Tom Rivers; and Doug Johnston. Unable to attend were Jim Pawlak, John "Jack" Roberts, and Robert Stuhr; Robert Zoeller and Dan Carnivale are deceased.

orchard park anniversary celebration
OPTA officers, from left: Treasurer Peter Kalenik; Secretary Joy Michener; President Adam Ziccardi; Vice-President Karen Sreniawski; and 2nd Vice-President Josh Dannecker.

orchard park anniversary celebration
The sign says it all as OPTA President Adam Ziccardi stands next to a display of memorabilia organized and preserved by OPTA Historian David Wert. Ziccardi says: "Unions promote and protect professions of all kinds. Quality work earns quality respect. There's always ways to improve and we're proud to be at the forefront making those improvements these past 50 and for the next 50 years."

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