April 07, 2017

Mulgrew: We must fight Trump's attempts to devastate public education

Source: NYSUT Communications
Caption: UFT President Michael Mulgrew.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew took aim at the Trump administration as he addressed what is expected to be devastating cuts in the federal budget as well as divisive and destructive policies.

Mulgrew made his remarks to UFT delegates during a breakfast Friday at NYSUT's Representative Assembly.

Of the new administration, Mulgrew pulled no punches: “They are liars. They will hurt children. They will destroy communities. And in the end, they will take no responsibility,” he said, predicting a path of devastation in the wake of cuts to school funding, after-school programs, jobs training and a host of other student supports.

AFT President Randi Weingarten echoed his remarks, adding that Donald Trump is someone who “has crossed the line” in behavior and actions.

“This is an administration that has no bounds, that has no morality,” she said.

Both Mulgrew and Weingarten thanked the UFT as well as unionists across the state for their work fighting against corporate charter schools and advocating for public schools.

“We are one in the fight, the fight to protect our profession, to protect our children, to protect our patients,” Mulgrew said.

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