August 11, 2017

SED Releases Interim Rates for Special Acts, 853 Schools and Special Education Preschools

Source:  NYSUT Research and Educational Services
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The State Education Department (SED) has released 2017-18 interim tuition rates for students attending Special Act School Districts, approved private schools (known as 853 schools), and preschool special education programs.  These interim rates are temporary, prospective rates that are established to provide cash flow for these programs.  The rates can be found at:

In addition, SED has also issued the 2017-18 Reimbursable Cost Manual for these programs. This year's manual includes an addition to retention bonus requirements that the criteria used to determine eligibility is included in a written employer-employee agreement.  This allows for retention bonuses to be awarded to individual employees using bargained criteria rather than using an imposed teacher evaluation rating.  The retention bonus section can be found on page 21 at:

However, it is important to note that we are still awaiting the release of the 2017-18 rate methodology letters for school age and preschool programs.  The methodology letters provide important rate setting information on inflation factors, nondirect cost parameters, applied revenues, total cost screens and other specific procedures used to calculate tuition rates.  NYSUT's Research and Education Services will alert local leaders when the methodology letters are available.

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