February 08, 2017

More state leaders are con the concon, citing costs and a potential attack on union rights

Source:  NYSUT Communications

Politico, the leading news source for political reporting in New York State, quotes Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli on their reasons why a taxpayer-funded Constitutional Convention is a bad idea.

“I know the trepidations, I know the fears, and for me personally, I don’t want to have a constitutional convention because frankly, I don’t think we need one,” Flanagan said. “Another thing people don’t realize is we could put up constitutional amendments anytime we want. We actually do put quite a few of them on the ballot.”

Citing costs, Flanagan added: "Me personally, I’d rather put that [money] into education, into health care, into infrastructure, roads, highways and bridges.”

DiNapoli also addressed the issue: “There is a group with a very clear agenda to particularly target labor rights, particularly pension benefits that are protected in the state constitution, and that’s their agenda in fighting for a constitutional convention.” he had this suggestion for union leaders: “Educate your members, organize with others in labor on both the public and private sector side, because that vote is going to be a very, very key one. And most people are probably not going to pay attention to it until it’s actually time to vote."

  • For more information on a constitutional convention in New York State, visit www.nysut.org/concon.