January 30, 2017

2016 SRP Recognition Day celebration winners

Source: NYSUT Program Services

The results of the “How did you celebrate School-Related Professionals Recognition Day” contest are in. Two NYSUT locals won a two-for one incentive for the 2017 SRP Conference, a $250 value.

The Fort Plain Teachers Association submission highlighted the many colorful and creative student-made posters, thanking SRPs for all they do, which set a celebratory tone for this event. The local hosted a breakfast buffet, and gave SRPs lottery scratch off tickets and chocolate coins. Their shout out bulletin board was filled with Post-It notes offering Kudos to their SRPs. See more photos here.

Hauppauge Teachers Association submission showcased SRP Recognition Day as a district-wide annual event. This year the local started a Facebook campaign highlighting the great work SRPs do, and seeking nominations for SRP of the year in each of the district’s schools. The TA showered SRPs with appreciation all day long, beginning with a bagged “lunch on the go” for school bus drivers and crossing guards, and breakfast, lunch and snacks, flowers and chocolate goodie bags, compliment cards and student poems for all SRPs.  

Several other NYSUT locals across the state shared how they honored SRPs in creative and thoughtful ways. 

Syracuse Teachers Association members celebrated the day as a way to thank all SRPs in their district. The entry focused on some Webster Elementary School food service workers who “went the extra mile” by serving more than 600 lunches in just over an hour so all students could be fed prior to having to leave the building by 1 p.m. after a water main break.


“Kudos to: (from left) Lynette, Suzanne, Larry and Marilyn.”

Education Support Staff Professionals/Ithaca shared photos of a beautiful breakfast spread and thank you cards with gift certificates to Ithaca Bakery.

Manhasset Educational Support Personnel Association shared a photo of what has become an annual celebratory event – the local hosts a luncheon for the 83 SRPs at the Sayville Academic Center.

“SRP day at Shelter Rock Elementary School in Manhasset”

The BOCES Educators of Eastern Suffolk detailed how the local — together with teachers and administration — hosted a catered luncheon for their SRPs. The photos also show the beautiful fall-themed decorations.

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