July 20, 2017

Education Summer: Be on the lookout for member organizers

Source: NYSUT Communications
education summer

Who's that knocking on your door? This summer, it could be a NYSUT member organizer!

As part of our "Education Summer" activism, we're training NYSUT members to take a leading role in the campaign to defend and promote our members' rights and fight for educational justice.

Over the next six weeks, these member organizers will be visiting NYSUT members in their homes to speak about important issues including the Constitutional Convention vote in November and the value of being a member of a union.

We're confident that this program will be a step toward the ultimate goal of having a one-to-one conversation with every member of our union by the end of the year.

Be on the lookout for a member organizer coming soon to a home near you!

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