NYSUT use of software lessens need for paper receipts

Author: Vice President Paul Pecorale and Secretary-Treasurer Martin Messner

NYSUT has received some inquiries about the union's implementation of new software that uses phone technology to capture and transmit receipts required for expense reimbursement. As you know, NYSUT continually seeks to strengthen our procedures to ensure our records are accurate, reimbursements are made appropriately and dues dollars are spent wisely.

Toward this end, we last year piloted an application called Certify that uses phone technology to capture accurate copies of printed receipts and incorporate them into expense reimbursement vouchers. This streamlines the paperwork for staff who are submitting their own expense vouchers and digitizes what used to be a paper process. All vouchers are still checked and processed by NYSUT's CWA staff, whose responsibilities have not been altered; CWA staff will not be diminished with the implementation of Certify.

There have been no reductions in workforce or changes in assignments as a result of this software use. What's been lessened is paperwork for traveling staff in filing for reimbursement for their expenses. We value and respect our employees and support their efforts to create efficiencies in our organization.

CWA President Clare Miner concurred, adding: "This application does not outsource CWA assignments or processes, which remain in full force. It is designed to improve efficiency by accurately recording and transmitting receipts, and lessening hand-written documentation."