October 10, 2017

Puerto Rico: How You Can Help

Author: Andy Pallotta, President
Source:  NYSUT
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relief efforts. image via ny.gov.
Caption: Image via ny.gov.

In this season of terrible suffering, our NYSUT family has responded beyond generously. Thank you — for your donations to the NYSUT Disaster Relief and for your support of our health care members who even now are volunteering their expertise in areas of great need.

So many disasters, all in a row: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

And the last hurricane on this list struck hardest and close to home. Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, the lives of its U.S. citizens, and the lives of members of the American Federation of Teachers who live and work there. And many of us have family in Puerto Rico and students who come from there.

So now, even as I thank you for all you've done in this season of suffering, I ask you to do more. Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico are in dire need of our help. There are two ways you can make a real difference in relieving their hardship and distress.

FIRST: Please donate generously to the NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund.

With this member-to-member outreach, every cent earmarked for those in need. Our fund has been depleted by this year's cascade of disasters, and your help will let us continue to provide essential relief.

SECOND: Answer the call to donate supplies.

Here are specifics on what's needed and drop-off points for supplies that will be delivered to Puerto Rico.

UPDATE 10/27: NYSUT has launched a collection drive at its headquarters in Latham. The union's statewide network of regional offices will conduct similar drives in upcoming weeks.

News stories can't fully convey the scope of destruction and the mounting toll on our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. I salute the dedicated NYSUT members who are volunteering their time to help. Let's do all we can to provide the resources that our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico so desperately need.

In solidarity,

Andy Pallotta
NYSUT President



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