April 28, 2018

Delegates elect NEA reps

Source:  NYSUT Communications
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In accordance with the 2018 NYSUT RA Campaign and Election Procedures, NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer J. Philippe Abraham cast a single ballot in favor of candidates in uncontested elections. Elections Committee Chair Rod Sherman reported the following results:

The committee received 27 nominations for 35 NEA state delegate seats to the NEA Representative Assembly.

2018–21 NEA State Delegates to NEA Representative Assembly

J. Philippe Abraham, UUP-Albany
Lisa Beckerink, Jamestown TA
Rowena Blackman-Stroud, UUP-Downstate Medical
Desiree Breckenridge-Barnes, Buffalo Teachers Federation
Thomas Brown, United Federation of Teachers
Gwendolyn Brown, Buffalo Educ. Support Team
Jolene DiBrango, Pittsford District TA
Selina Durio, North Babylon TO
Lynn Garcia, Buffalo TF
Anne Goldman, UFT
Sophia Howard-Johnson, Buffalo TF
Dora Leland, Horseheads TA
Rachel Lis, Buffalo TF
Melinda MacPherson-Sullivan, Buffalo TF
Andrea McCue, Haldane FA
Jeriluanne O'Bryan-Losee, UUP-Morrisville
Christine O'Callaghan, UFT
Paul Pecorale, Patchogue-Medford CT
Debra Poulos, UFT
Sue Raichilson, Buffalo TF
Kathleen Roach, Peru Association of Teachers
Andrew Sako, Faculty Federation of Erie Community College
Christine Salamone, Buffalo TF
Howard Schoor, UFT
Cathleen Stearns, Buffalo TF
Jo Ann Sweat, Buffalo Educ. Support Team
Ruyvette Townsend, Buffalo TF

NEA State Director — 3-year term

Serena Kotch, Clevelend Hill EA

NEA Alternate State Director —3-year term

Sue Raichilson, Buffalo TF

NEA Alternate State Director — 2-year unexpired term

Dora Leland, Horseheads TA

There was one contested election at the convention, to fill the NEA state director, 2-year unexpired term. The election was held following General Session No. 2. Sherman reported the results: Thomas McMahon, Mahopac TA (Vote totals to come)

The NEA retired delegate election was held in accordance with the approved 2018 Election and Campaign Procedures on Monday, April 9, by way of direct mail ballot. Certified results are below.

Retiree Delegates

Lynn Diagostino, Retiree Council 44
Christine Nowak, RC 44
Stanley Nowak, RC 44
Art Parks, RC 44
Sara Rodland, RC 44

Alternate Retiree Delegate

Carol Marshall, RC 44

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