March 11, 2018

NYSUT March Madness

Source: NYSUT Communications
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Caption: Our "Sweet Sixteen" teams have moved on to the "Elite Eight." How are your picks doing?

We've kicked off NYSUT March Madness via Facebook Polls as a fun way to promote a "Sweet Sixteen" of union values!

Vote each round on the union benefits that have had the biggest impact for you in the workplace and at home.

Find it hard to choose one benefit over another? That's the point.

Make sure you're logged into your Facebook account to cast your votes for each round... and follow the action to the Final Four!

UPDATE: It's time for Games 11 and 12 of the Elite Eight! Make your picks! Voting continues through Monday, March 26 at noon(ish). Scroll to see the full schedule.

ELITE EIGHT: Games 11 and 12

Game 11

Game 12

RESULTS: ELITE EIGHT (Games 9 and 10)

Game 9

Game 10


Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8


Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4


Games begin at approximately noon on day listed via Facebook Polls.

Monday, March 12-15: Sweet Sixteen (Games 1-4)

Thursday, March 15-19: Sweet Sixteen (Games 4-8)

Monday, March 19-22: Elite Eight (Games 9-10)

Thursday, March 22-26: Elite Eight (Games 11-12)

Monday, March 26-29: Final Four (Games 13-14)

Thursday, March 29-April 2: THE FINAL. (Round 6: Game 15)

NYSUT March Madness