October 26, 2018

Member Benefits: Local leaders gather to learn how they can make union membership even more valuable

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member benefits
Caption: NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer J. Philippe Abraham chats with local leaders as the conference begins. Photo by El-Wise Noisette.

From collective-bargaining rights and better pay, to a secure retirement, health coverage, a voice on the job and safer working conditions, the value of belonging to a union is clear.

And this weekend, local leaders from across the state will learn how they can make union membership even more valuable for those they represent when they gather in Albany for NYSUT’s Member Benefits Conference.

New this year is NYSUT’s recently endorsed Cambridge Credit Counseling program, which can assist NYSUT members with their student-loan debt by providing consultation on issues such as repayment options and debt consolidation. Leaders will learn how they can bring back to their members the Cambridge program, which not only offers guidance on how to handle student debt but also assistance with first-time home buyers and other mortgage programs.

NYSUT will also have on hand experts from a wide-range of fields who will share their knowledge and provide advice regarding legal and financial matters, long-term care coverage and managing debt.

Whether it’s assisting student debt, or enhancing health coverage, your union is here for you.

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