September 27, 2018

NYSUT partners with member retirees and retirees from other groups

Source:  NYSUT Retiree Services
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Throughout the year, and as elections approach, NYSUT member retirees and retirees from other groups partner in outreach efforts

Each year, hundreds of NYSUT members retire after long and rewarding careers in education and healthcare. Many NYSUT members remain just as politically active in retirement as they were during their careers; some even more so with new found time to participate in political activism.

NYSUT’s retiree councils are a great way to remain active and keep our “day-time army” politically active, strong and motivated. As your members reach retirement age, encourage them to remain engaged and to visit NYSUT’s retiree website at:

NYSUT also partners with groups that share our values on important retirement issues like the New York State Alliance for Retired Americans (NYSARA). Just like NYSUT, NYSARA works to ensure economic security, social justice and sound public policy for retirees across the state and nation. NYSUT began working with NYSARA in 2001 to augment our own retiree outreach and activism. NYSUT’s affiliation with NYSARA allows all retirees to join NYSARA at no additional cost.

To learn more about NYSARA and to sign up for their weekly newsletter, you can visit their website at:

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