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April 02, 2019

Write your Regents. Urge them to #CorrectTheTests.

Source:  NYSUT Communications
correct the tests

It's testing season in New York State.

Everyone agrees: New York's flawed and unfair testing system is failing students. Instead of correcting the tests, the State is creating a climate where school administrators are attempting to intimidate parents into choosing to have their children take these tests, or isolating children who refuse to take them.

Help spread the word on the Education Department's terrible testing system by writing your Regents today!

As educators, we know the State's flawed and unfair testing system is failing our students. We know there are major problems with the grades 3-8 ELA and math state assessments. They continue to mislabel and harm students and their local schools. They don't provide meaningful or timely information to parents and educators. They are developmentally inappropriate. Untimed tests are cruel and traumatic for too many students. Computer-based testing is problematic and has been rolled out too quickly.

Want to help fix New York's flawed and unfair testing system? Write your Regents today!

Together, we have been fighting to fix this broken system for years. Our advocacy on grade 3-8 state testing has been steadfast and simple. The state is failing our kids, educators and parents. It's time to restore trust, fairness and sanity to the testing program so we can focus on what students really need to learn and thrive.

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT President

P.S.: If you want to help correct a testing system that is failing our students, then write your Regents today!

Correct the Tests

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