December 09, 2019

ROCHESTER ACTION: Spare Our Students

Source:  Rochester Teachers Association and Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals
rochester action

Don't let the Rochester Board of Education rush mid-year cuts that would devastate our schools.

Here are 4 ways you can take action to support Rochester students.

1. Attend the Dec. 19 rally and board meeting.

We need as many supporters as possible to turn out to urge the board to reconsider mid-year cuts that would have a devastating impact on our students.

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 19. Rally starts at 4:30 p.m. before the 6 p.m. school board meeting.
WHERE: RCSD District Office, 131 W Broad St., Rochester, NY 14614 [MAP]

  • RSVP: Respond to the Facebook event to let us know you're coming and stay up-to-date as Dec. 19 approaches.

2. Email the Board

Visit the Member Action Center and tell the board to oppose proposed mid-year budget cuts.

3. Tell Your Story

We're collecting personal stories from parents, educators, school staff and the Rochester community about the impacts of proposed cuts.

4. Spread the Word

Share this page on social media and use the hashtag #SpareOurStudents.




The Rochester City School District Board of Education faces a fiscal deficit. The district has proposed a hasty emergency plan that would slash up to 287 jobs by January!

Cutting these jobs in the middle of the school year would create chaos in schools and have a devastating impact on our kids' ability to learn. Many students will lose their teachers and classrooms will become more crowded.



What’s at stake?
Under a proposed budget cut, up to 174 employees will be laid off, including 152 teacher and 22 paraprofessional positions, effective Jan 1. Neither students nor their teachers caused the fiscal mess in our district.

Who will be impacted?
The timing of this action could not be more disruptive. Many students will lose their teachers midway through the year: Classrooms will be more crowded and the education of all students will suffer.

Who won’t be affected?
Central office bureaucracy would remain virtually intact, leaving students to bear the burden of these cuts. How fair is that?

Is this the only option?
No, this is a rash and unnecessary action. All of this is being proposed before we have a full understanding of the district's fiscal situation and before considering other, longer-term solutions.


1. We oppose a 5 percent cut across the board. Cut from the central office and bureaucracy and keep the cuts away from the classroom to minimize disruption.

2. We urge the board to lobby the state for more funding and delay action as much as possible until Rochester receives more state funding.

3. We recommend the board postpone as many cuts as possible until the end of the school year.