October 11, 2019

Introducing the NYSUT Student Loan Debt Program

Source:  NYSUT Communications
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NYSUT Student Loan Debt Assessment

One thing we constantly hear from our members is their frustration and confusion when it comes to managing student loans. While this is a national problem, educators and other public-sector workers are hit especially hard.

Even worse, there are a large number of for-profit companies taking advantage of a complicated student loan system. We've seen an increasing number of stories about these bad actors promising to help our members, only to mislead them to make more money for themselves.

That's why we're so excited to announce a new union-backed program to help you understand, manage and eliminate your student loan debt as quickly and easily as possible.

NYSUT has partnered with Cambridge Credit Counseling, a non-profit debt relief agency with a mission to help you get out of debt fast and give you the support you need to stay debt-free forever.

Cambridge Credit Counseling offers NYSUT members several ways to get immediate student loan help:

  • A series of in-person student debt workshops across the state, where members can meet with a student loan counselor to help understand Teacher Loan Cancellation and Public Student Loan Forgiveness programs and get free access to student loan management tools
  • An online portal available at a significantly discounted rate, where you can input your student loan data and get a personalized access plan
  • Access to Cambridge's student loan counselors to help you through the process

We invite our members dealing with student debt to take advantage of one of these options at studentloans.nysut.org.

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