October 17, 2019

Wear red to stand in solidarity with Chicago!

Author: Andy Pallotta, President
Source:  NYSUT
stand with chicago

Chicago teachers have taken to the picket lines.

Let's stand with them.

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union are now officially on strike, voting yesterday to reject the latest inadequate contract offer from district management.

CTU is seeking to bring justice and high quality education to the children and teachers of Chicago, and they won't back down until they get it.

We must support them.

On Friday, October 18, please wear RED to show solidarity with Chicago’s teachers, and tweet pictures of yourself to support their efforts!

You can also show your support on social media:

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Use the following hashtags to help build the movement:

  • #PutItInWriting
  • #FairContractNow
  • #FundOurFuture
  • #ChiParksStrike

And tag the following to make sure they see you:

  • @CTULocal1
  • @SharkeyCTU1 (Jesse Sharkey, CTU Local 1 President)
  • @stacydavisgates (Stacy Davis Gates, CTU Local 1 Vice President)
  • @ChicagosMayor (Mayor Lori Lightfoot)
  • @rweingarten (Randi Weingarten, AFT National President)
  • @SEIU73 (SEIU Local 73, Chicago affiliate representing CPS school support staff)
  • @nysut

Thank you for supporting our brothers and sisters in Chicago!

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT President

P.S.: Wear RED on Friday, October 18, to stand with Chicago's teachers & students!