May 14, 2020

NYSUT offered free, interactive webinars for retirees

Source:  NYSUT Program Services
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retiree webinars

NYSUT offered a series of free, live webinars to help retirees stay engaged, beat loneliness and learn new skills.

These webinars focused on a range of topics including a pension discussion with TRS and ERS representatives; a cooking session on using pantry staples; chair yoga; and how to protect your online privacy and avoid scams.

The topics and format were brainstormed and developed by NYSUT’s Retiree Election District Directors and retiree services consultants.


For more information about the webinars, contact Tammie Waldenmaier in NYSUT Retiree Constituent Services at

Recorded Webinars:

Surviving the Holidays during a Pandemic

April 28

Staying Connected: How to Use Video Conference Programs

Mike Grubiak

Do you keep hearing about Zoom happy hours and group chats and wonder how to participate? Has a friend or family member asked you to “FaceTime” and you’re not sure what that means? Then join us and learn which are the most common video conference platforms that people are using and the ABC’s of joining your friends and family online.

April 30

Is My Pension OK?

David Keefe/TRS, Colleen Gardner and Jason Cooper/ERS

Join New York State Teachers’ Retirement Board of Trustees President, David Keefe, for an informational update on the state and security of your pension. David will be joined by Colleen Gardner and Jason Cooper from New York State ERS. If you are a retired teacher or SRP you are not going to want to miss this informative and engaging session concerning your pension. The presentation will run 30-40 minutes with time for a Q & A at the end.

May 7

Chair Yoga

Melinda Person

Join us for gentle stretching, yoga postures, and breathing exercises all which are designed to build flexibility, balance and strength without getting up and down from the floor. All work done seated or standing with chair for support. You will be guided by an experienced Kripalu yoga instructor. BYO Chair.

May 14

Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety and Depression

Ani Shahinian

This is a time when anxiety and depression is normal and expected. This session will address these reactions in an effort to understand how they affect how we cope during this crisis. Our presenter, a licensed clinical social worker for over 35 years, will offer suggestions on how to manage these emotions through this period of time for yourself and your family. Determining if the reactions are “normal” vs. more problematic and clinically serious is important in how to proceed. There will be some time for questions and answers and sharing of ideas of how individuals are coping.

May 21

Pantry Basics: How to Cook with What You Have

Daniel Turgeon

In this cooking webinar, Chef Daniel Turgeon, a former chef-instructor at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America will show you how to create simple and delicious meals with basic staples that can be found in everyone’s kitchen. Chef Turgeon will show you how to creatively use these basic staples and how you can stretch them into multiple meals.

May 28

Alleviating Financial Stress Related to COVID

Stacey Braun Associates

It would be an understatement to call 2020 tumultuous. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it tremendous change and fear on multiple fronts including financially. Retirees are not immune from those changes. The CARES Act was passed quickly to help offset economic damage cause by the pandemic and it came on the heels of the recently enacted SECURE Act which changed many laws related to retirement accounts. Sign up to for this webinar to learn about how provisions in both of these Acts might affect you. Topics will include:

  • Changes to IRA contributions and required minimum distributions
  • Suspensions of required minimum distributions in 2020
  • Elimination of IRA stretch outs
  • Reducing taxes on required minimum distribution's via charitable contributions
  • General topics related to cash flow/inflation

June 2020

Retiree webinars for June are in development. Stay tuned for listings!

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