August 25, 2020

Retiree Solidarity Poster

Source:  NYSUT Retiree Services
NYSUT Retirees Support You

Dear Retiree,

As our in-service brothers and sisters return to re-opened schools/virtual learning platforms, we invite retirees to show our collective Retiree Solidarity with the in-service members in your region by distributing the attached poster as far and wide as possible. 

This can include hanging the poster at school buildings that are re-opening for face-to-face learning, email to all of your retiree and in-service contacts, post on your website, Facebook and encourage the poster to be shared. 

The goal is to make every effort to let our in-service brothers and sisters know that NYSUT’s 230,000 retirees stand in solidarity with them during these unprecedented times.  We encourage you to involve and engage as many of your leaders and members in this initiative.