June 11, 2020

Pledge to VOTE YES for your school budget

Source:  NYSUT
school budget vote

Haven’t dropped off your local school budget ballot yet?

Good news: there’s still time for your ballot to COUNT!

Governor Cuomo recently signed an Executive Order extending the deadline for voters to cast their ballots for their local school budgets. That means that all of us who received our mail-in ballots late can still participate in this election and support our local students, educators, and schools. To be counted, school budget ballots can still be mailed to ensure they are received by your school district no later than June 16th.

This extension is an important step to increase participation in this critical election and ensure that everyone has the ability to make their voice heard! It is critical that we all take advantage of this opportunity to turn out in force, VOTE YES, and ensure that local students, teachers, school staff, parents, and public schools have the resources they need to recover from this devastating crisis.

TAKE ACTION: Get your ballot in the mail TODAY to ensure it is received by June 16th…and vote YES on your local school budget!

Voting by mail is safe and easy!

Support your local students, teachers, school staff, and public schools by voting YES on your local school budget!

Pledge that you will VOTE YES for your local school budget.