November 17, 2020

VIDEO: Thank You, School-Related Professionals!

Author: THE NYSUT Officers
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srp recognition day

In celebration of SRP Recognition Day, here's a special message and video from the NYSUT officers honoring School-Related Professionals! Click to join the celebration by sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter.

The challenges posed to public education during the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented and daunting.

Given that we are a union of professionals, we never questioned whether our members were equal to the task.

Still, the way School-Related Professionals have stepped up during these difficult and uncertain times to meet the needs of students, families, schools and communities has left us in awe.

It can be difficult to express gratitude, especially when it is profound. And, it’s true: Mere words don’t seem enough to convey how grateful we are to all of you.

That’s why we would like to present to you this video to express our sincerest appreciation for the remarkable work you have done and continue to do.

As we approach the holiday season, please know just how truly grateful NYSUT is for your selflessness, boundless dedication and uncompromising professionalism.

Though mere words could never be enough, we want to say in the most heartfelt terms possible — Thank You.

Officers Signatures - Andy Jolene Ron Philippe

Andy, Jolene, Ron, Philippe

PS: Join the celebration! Share the video on Facebook and Twitter - and let everyone know how YOU are celebrating SRP Day in your community. Use the hashtag #SRPRecognitionDay and #SRPsRock!

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