April 22, 2021

Register for a follow-up session for our 'Courageous Conversation' webinar

Source:  NYSUT Social Justice
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"Courageous Conversation" Follow-Up Sessions

Thanks to all who took part in our "Courageous Conversation" webinar with Levin "Chuck" Wilson.

Participants in the 4/22 webinar are invited to register for one of three small-group follow-up discussions scheduled in May.

Choose the date that works best for you.

Registration is required.

About Chuck Wilson

This Many Threads, One Fabric webinar is moderated by Leven "Chuck" Wilson.

Wilson is a seasoned professional with experience in the areas of diversity, inclusion, community engagement, social justice, crisis management, service delivery and business development. He combines his background as a social worker to address inequities, inequality, and injustice. A recipient of numerous awards and recognitions as well as a popular public speaker, Chuck is also a change agent where he founded the Renew Group to provide programs and services that address the unmet needs of the community and keeps parents united with their families. Born in D.C. and raised in North Carolina, Chuck relocated to Hawaii for nearly 20 years to earn his bachelors and master’s degree in social work and start his journey as a servant leader. Recent career highlights include serving as the executive assistant to the president of Pasco Hernando State College where he managed the President’s Leadership Institute, cultivated community partnerships, initiated a diversity program, and became a partner of the AFT’s teacher diversity program.