June 01, 2022

TAKE ACTION: Share your story to support Special Schools

Source:  NYSUT Legislative Dept.
forgotten schools

We're collecting video stories from NYSUT members to share with lawmakers and other education stakeholders as part of our ongoing efforts to support our Special Act Schools, 853 Schools and 4410 programs.

This network of special schools was created by the Legislature to meet the unique needs of the state’s most vulnerable, traumatized and disabled students. They provide essential education and related services to school-age students who, for many reasons, are unable to be served by either the local public schools or BOCES. These special schools are often the “last stop” for students with disabilities or with severe behavioral, emotional, educational or physical challenges.

Take action! Use our video submission form to tell us what you do every day to help meet the needs of students. What can be done to help them, and help you do your job? Tell us!

Telling your story will help to to ensure these schools can continue serving New York's most vulnerable students after years of stagnant funding and increased costs.

Thank you for sharing your story!