June 07, 2024

NYSUT statement on legislative passage of social media bills

Source:  NYSUT Media Relations
NYSUT statement on legislative passage of social media bills

NYSUT President Melinda Person released the following statement in response to the historic passage in the state Legislature of the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act and The New York Child Data Protection Act. NYSUT has backed both bills since their introduction last fall:

“Educators see the harmful effects of social media on our kids every day, and this legislation is a tremendous first step toward ensuring these influences remain in their proper places. We are grateful to the Legislature, the Attorney General and the governor for championing the mental health of our students as they navigate our rapidly changing world online.

These platforms have potential to enhance teaching, learning and connectivity in our classrooms, but should never risk our children’s health or safety. New York can lead the nation in creating protections for the mental and physical wellness of the future generation, and this is just the beginning.”

In September, NYSUT will convene educators, mental health providers, union leaders, school district leaders, parents, elected officials and advocates for Disconnected, a conference for sharing strategies and solutions to the impact of cell phones, social media and technology on children, schools and learning. Register here.