October 2010 Issue
September 26, 2010

Letters: Teachers must undo damage caused by Hollywood

Source: NYSUT United

Teachers must undo damage caused by Hollywood

Part of the achievement gap can be attributed to popular culture in the U.S. As a science teacher, I have noticed many students — regardless of economic or cultural background — have embraced a lifestyle forged by Hollywood’s glorification of drugs and violence. One of the prime jobs of teachers at any grade level is to swim upstream against the juggernaut of these perverse marketing forces.

For the U.S. to allow movie producers to shamelessly market films that glorify a twisted, fantasy culture in the interest of free-market capitalism is just another example of deregulation gone awry. America’s young are paying the price and teachers have to undo the damage. I have yet to see a course designed to help a teacher accomplish this. 

George Damasevitz, Vestal

Stop the bully

Regarding the NYSUT United report, “Battling back against bullying” (September), my concerns are not how to help and enlighten the victim but to look at the bully and ask: “What causes you to bully?” We need to stop the bully, not teach the victim how to deal.

Some teachers also “tease,” covertly verbal-bully their students while administrations give in to parents and are afraid of standing up. I hope students, teachers, administrators, parents and all school workers eliminate these hurtful and demeaning actions.

Margaret Petro, Oakdale

Margaret Petro is a retired physical education teacher and member of the Lindenhurst Teachers Association.