September 2010 Issue
August 22, 2010

ELT supports excellence

Source: NYSUT United

Union members and leaders over the past 30 years have depended on NYSUT ELT's dynamic instructors for quality professional development. Not familiar with ELT? Debra Nelson, the director of NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust, answers some frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the Education & Learning Trust?

A: The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust is the union's professional development provider; a nonprofit organization focused on NYSUT members dedicated to education. Available for all teachers and school-related professionals, ELT programs are modeled on best practices, current research-based strategies and real-life applications. Our application-based model adheres to the principle of "members teaching members." ELT offers:

  • Courses for undergraduate, graduate and in-service credit;
  • Partnership programs that lead to master's degrees;
  • Seminars and professional development programs for teachers, SRPs and members from the health care community.

Q: How does ELT support NYSUT P-12 Principle #1: Only quality teachers should teach New York's learners?

A: ELT understands that the single most important factor that determines how well students learn is the quality of their teachers.

Our courses and seminars are research-based and aligned with state standards. Our programs are designed by peers for peers, working collegially and sharing new practices and effective strategies that are proven to raise student achievement.

Q: How can ELT accommodate the busy schedules of teachers and SRPs?

A: ELT provides courses and programs that easily fit into personal schedules and demands of the school year. Courses and seminars are scheduled for evenings, weekends, school breaks and summer vacation at central, easily accessible locations.

Many courses are traditional classes and provide face-to-face interaction with an instructor and other students. Some undergraduate and graduate courses are available online or via CDs. Other courses are offered as a hybrid; a combination of on-ground and online classes.

ELT also offers opportunities on educational initiatives that are sustained and embedded within a school or district. These may include: Professional Learning Communities, co-teaching or data-driven instruction.

Q: How does ELT stay on the cutting edge?

A: We use multiple measures to determine the professional development needs of our members — surveys, feedback from NYSUT committees, suggestions from teacher centers, etc.
ELT then taps into all available sources within the larger NYSUT organization and beyond. We deal directly with experts by having them create course content that meets the specifications and needs of New York educators.

Q: How can members find out more about the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust?

A: Contact us at 800-528-6208 or visit our website at ELT is now on Facebook at ELT.

ELT mails out copies of the semester schedule three times a year (fall, spring and summer), and course descriptions and registration are available at