September 2010 Issue
August 22, 2010

Freebies: New York State Archives available online

Source: NYSUT United

Archives online

Check out "History Goes on Record" online at the New York State Archives (

Tapping in to a vast collection of historical documents, it includes everything from online courses on using historical records in the classroom to a brief history of the union label.

Lessons in civics, the Verizon Foundation's website devoted to educational resources, features scores of free lesson plans, including one on the meaning and use of national symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty.

Back to school

Calling itself "The free school stuff directory," has a special back-to-school section with activities to help students get to know each other as the school year begins. From the home page, click on "back to school."

Nine years after

A free online toolkit offers resources to help students learn about 9/11. "September 11th Personal Stories of Transformation" includes eight videos to teach what happened, how people responded, and how they have worked to make world the better. The standards-based site is at

Mission: history

WNET Thirteen in New York City, has created a Web-based game that lets middle-level and high school students become online players during pivotal eras in the nation's history.

"Mission US" kicks off Sept. 21 with events leading up to the American Revolution. Available for streaming and download, it features teaching guides, classroom activities and historical documents. See the preview at

Science selections

The National Science Teachers Association provides a variety of materials for science teachers at Sources range from NASA to the National Science Foundation.

Free 4kidz

At you have access to a seemingly endless list of education-related websites that will lead you to still more sites.

Fun adds up

Check out for worksheets, puzzles, games, calculators and other resources for the math classroom.

Tell us

Freebies users — What creative steps have you taken locally to find free stuff for the classroom? Please take a moment to tell us what has worked for you. E-mail us at