September 2010 Issue
August 22, 2010

Letters: Teachers also need harassment-free schools

Source: NYSUT United

Teachers also need harassment-free schools

Thank goodness Albany has finally acted to prevent more pain and suffering to children in schools. Despite all the campaigns to arrest the spread of bullying, school districts basically lack the resources to carefully monitor and educate teachers and support staff about the horrible affects of bullying.

Unfortunately, many students suffer silently because they fear further taunting by peers. Perhaps a universal response initiative should be put into place in every school district to immediately address the problem. And, each district must provide counseling and assistance to the victim and those responsible for bullying.

When professionalism is compromised, teachers also can become victims of intimidation and harassment from supervisors. Too often, teachers suffer in difficult fiscal times. Favoritism, popularity and age frequently decide the fate of many hard-working, dedicated teachers who experience an unjust working environment.

Similar to students who have been bullied, teachers have suffered silently with little or no support. Teachers, too, should be entitled to work in a school that values character education, morals and mutual respect, without fear of intimidation and harassment.

Joyce Caracci | Received via e-mail

'Loss for words' a must-read

Thanks to Gary Rubenstein for his heartfelt article ("A loss for words," NY Teacher, March 18) I hope that I never have to go through what he experienced when that announcement was made about his student, Nohemi. Of all the articles I have read in the past 21-plus years, his struck a nerve like no other. Let's all remember the lesson and reread this article every September.

Gerry Chomiak | Received via e-mail