December 2011 Issue
November 21, 2011


Source: NYSUT United

Pam Bernard | Aug. 5
United Federation of Teachers

Daniel Bobis | July 28
Long Beach Classroom Teachers Association

Muriel McDonald Cook | Feb. 1
United Federation of Teachers

Ava Edith Pilgrim Wilson Dingle | July 23
United Federation of Teachers

Paula Isaacson | July 6
United Federation of Teachers

Joan S. Israel | Feb. 17
Bellmore Faculty Organization Retirees

John Pires | December 2009
United Federation of Teachers

UFT member John Pires died Dec. 2009. John was a physical education teacher JHS 22 in Manhattan from 1965-2002. A former William and Mary star, John coached the school basketball team to numerous district titles.

He served as the UFT Chapter Chairman during the 1980’s and worked for the Department of Parks and Recreation in its after-school and evening recreational programs.

Respected and loved, this avid Jets fan was a wonderful teacher who had a positive impact on the students in his classes. Survived by his wife Mary, John will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Dolores M. Reichert | July 31
Akron Faculty Association

Mary C. Roche | July 24
United Federation of Teachers

Mary C. Roche, English teacher and guidance counselor for over 30 years at Corlears Junior High School 56 in District 1, died on July 24. Mary was co-chair of the Guidance Counselors' City-wide Chapter for 11 years and also served as a delegate to the UFT, NYSUT and AFT conventions. Her many students and co-workers admired her spirit and will always fondly remember her.

Gene Romeo | Feb. 12, 2007
United Federation of Teachers

Gene Romeo, an active member of the UFT and former physical education teacher at JHS 22 in Manhattan, died Feb. 12, 2007.

Gene was a dedicated teacher whose passion was tumbling and gymnastic skills. He taught in the District One school from 1969-1998.

He served with distinction in the US Army during WWII. Gene remained active in retirement, becoming a Baptist minister and serving as a spiritual advisor to the elderly in nursing homes.

Gene was a devoted teacher who educated his students in the importance of being physically fit.

Marilyn Sujakumar | July 4
United Federation of Teachers

Clara Unterberg | Dec. 19, 2010
United Federation of Teachers

Clara Unterberg, a proud member of the UFT, died Dec. 19, 2010.

Clara served as school secretary to several principals at PS 188 and JHS 22 in Manhattan from 1958 until her retirement in 1983. Known as compassionate, efficient, and courteous, Clara was greatly respected and admired by teachers, administrators and students alike. During her retirement, she remained quite active, doing volunteer work with community groups and Beth Israel Hospital.

Clara is survived by Daughters Adele and Roberta, son-in-law Najmul, and grandchildren Charles, Yasmine, Julianne, James and Kemal.

Joseph Villani | Sept. 11
North Salem Teachers Association