February 2011 Issue
February 08, 2011

High Tech U coming to Southern Tier

Source: NYSUT United

NYSUT and Corning, the maker of specialty glass and ceramics, are teaming up to expand the popular SEMI High Tech U program to the Southern Tier, NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira announced.

NYSUT, in partnership with the SEMI Foundation, began offering the program in the Capital Region four years ago. It gives teachers extensive, hands-on exposure to the world of nanotechnology, semi-conductors and other high-tech science and engineering subjects.

"Industry professionals support the program and present modules, which means that teachers come away with exciting lesson plans and with knowledge about related high-tech careers," Neira said. "That allows teachers to make the connection for their students between the work they are doing in class and truly rewarding jobs."

The NYSUT program in Albany expanded last year to include a student version. Corning's donation will allow the program to expand SEMI High Tech U to the Southern Tier this summer.

Corning will be working with NYSUT and the SEMI Foundation to incorporate a material sciences component into the program, taking advantage of the expertise Corning has in that field, said Terry McSweeney, an assistant with NYSUT's Research and Educational Services.

Alfred State University also will be partnering with NYSUT in this effort and offering follow-up professional development opportunities on the Alfred State campus.

"We're excited to host SEMI High Tech U," said Chris Sharkey, director of community affairs at Corning. "Making the connection between classroom and career is critically important in students' decisions to pursue science and math courses of study. Helping teachers build that bridge for them is key."

To learn more about SEMI High Tech U, contact McSweeney at 518-213-6000 or e-mail tmcsween@nysutmail.org.